Bangle Bracelets

Surround your wrist with dazzling splendor, with beautiful bangle bracelets from Tacori. Our diamond, platinum, gold, and white gold bangle bracelet selections combine whimsy and elegance to create a sophisticated fashion statement that any woman can wear.

Featuring the gorgeously intricate detail that Tacori is famous for, our bangle bracelets for women are guaranteed to dazzle and shine. Wear a diamond bangle bracelet alone for a sexy solo look, or layer several of our versatile bangle bracelets for instant Tacori style!

The best thing about these bangles is you can wear them with any fashion or style – they are the perfect way to add luxurious flair to every-day wear as well as over-the-top glamorous outfits. The extra little diamond bling on these bangle bracelets will sparkle and shine for a bold and dramatic look that dresses up any look or ensemble. Whether you are out for the day in casual jeans and flats or are going all out for a red carpet event, you can confidently wear your Tacori bangle bracelets.

Let your passion for the finer things in life shine through with a simple look of Tacori bangle bracelets, or make an edgy statement, pairing your bangles with a bold tennis bracelet or some of Tacori's more intricate gold bracelets. However you choose to sparkle, you're sure to stand out from the crowd with the decadence of Tacori wrapped around your wrist.

As with our designer diamond rings all of Tacori's bangle bracelets are handcrafted in California with the highest regard for quality, beauty, intricacy and artisanship. We strive to create only the highest quality fine jewelry, and our passion for detail shows in every one of our pieces.

For instant sophistication in any situation, add some Tacori bangles to your fine jewelry collection today. Contact your nearest authorized Tacori Retailer for more information.