A Five Table Ring

5 Table Engagement Ring; style ht2531rd12x

5 Table Engagement Ring; style ht2531rd12x

We're not going to bore you with talk about gemological properties; no aspect ratios, or table-to-face brilliance factors.   No facet counts, nor light performance specifications.

But we are going to put the spotlight on that intangible quality that makes an engagement ring stand apart from the crowd: Presence.

This engagement ring has it.  We call this ring a Five Table Ring...because you can see it, from five tables away.

With spectacular presence and "hand appeal", this engagement ring is not for the timid.  Demanding to be admired, it's brilliant round center stone is enhanced with a crown of diamonds.  Tapered baguettes rain along the shoulders of the ring for a dramatic contrast, and diamonds add intrigue and unrestrained glamour from every unexpected angle.

If you're wearing this engagement ring - prepare to turn heads and stop traffic with it!

Featured style: HT2531RD12x



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