Anniversary Rings

Anniversary rings are a wonderful way to celebrate an anniversary, and usually given between married couples on their wedding date some years after the event. The traditional gift of an anniversary ring reaffirms the couples commitment and affection for one another.  However some anniversary rings are given not just on their wedding date, but rather, to commemorate the anniversary of their first meeting, or their first date, or even on the anniversary of a birth of a child.

Often anniversary rings are made to look very similar to wedding rings, and are intended to be worn as part of the wedding set (stacking the rings together, etc.) on the third finger (ring finger) of the left hand. Gold anniversary rings are extremely popular, but anniversary rings can be made of just about any kind of metal, including platinum, silver, titanium and steel.

Also, it’s not uncommon for women to purchase anniversary rings as a gift for themselves to mark success, such as first day on the job or big anniversaries such as ten, twenty or fifty years of some sort of important achievement. Anniversary rings for women that are self-purchased tend to be more stylish and informal, and are typically worn on the third finger (ring finger) of either the left or right hand.

Diamond Anniversary Ring

The “diamond anniversary” was traditionally marked on the 60th anniversary and tin/aluminum marked the 10th anniversary. However, modern US tradition now also celebrates the 10th wedding anniversary as the “diamond anniversary”, which means that a diamond anniversary ring is becoming more and more common as a gift between couples. (And a diamond anniversary ring is certainly more appreciated than the “tin” or “aluminum” ring!)

Diamond anniversary rings may made to look like a diamond wedding band, or they may take the form of an “upgrade” on the original engagement ring, whereby an entirely new (bigger!) diamond is purchased on the 10th anniversary, or the original diamond is placed in a new diamond setting; any of these forms are very common for a diamond anniversary ring.