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Asscher cut diamond engagement ring - style 2581ash85

Asscher cut diamond engagement ring - style 2581ash85

The Asscher cut diamond was developed in 1902 by the Asscher Brothers of Holland as an exclusive diamond cut for the Royal Family.

An Asscher cut diamond is cut with a series of many parallel steps, creating a hall-of-mirrors effect when looking deeply into the stone.

Regal certainly, but I bet those Asscher brothers never anticipated the swooning for this shape that would ensue after an asscher-cut diamond was featured on Sex & The City, and then worn by Hollywood royalty, Kate Hudson.

Truly, the Asscher cut diamond is an intriguing hybrid: using of the step-cuts that are a hallmark of the  emerald-cut diamond, combined with the squared shape of the princess-cut, and further utilizing the cross-cuts often seen in radiant stones --  it is a modern marvel.

In keeping with the clean, art deco appeal of the diamond cut itself -- and the haute couture company that this diamond often keeps -- this 3 carat Asscher diamond is framed within a contemporary Tacori engagement ring setting with a  high-polished cleanly-shaped rounded platinum band.

The  diamond fire and refractive heat of the Asscher  itself is fanned ablaze with sophisticated diamond baguettes on each side. From the profile, Tacori's signature crescent silhouette accents provide windows of light into this magnificent engagement ring, worthy of Royal attention.

Featured style: 2581



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