Be My Honey

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and what better way to say “I love you” than with diamonds as brilliant and everlasting as your love?

Exquisite “Blooming Beauty” diamond engagement rings blossom on the Honey Dipper, with a stunning double-bloom of diamonds designed to accentuate the shimmering sparkle of the center diamond. An allusion to the sweet nature of love's nectar, this visual charmingly sends the request of "Honey, do you...?"

The first enchanting engagement ring on the honeycomb (HT2520RD65) has a dazzling double bloom that allows the center diamond to bloom with brilliance and maximum sparkle. An exposed diamond culet kisses the sweetheart carriage with diamond crescent details creating the prettiest of profiles. Represent your unending love with the round infinite center diamond.

The cushion cut diamond engagement resting in the middle of the honeycomb (HT2516CU65 (variation of HT2516RD65 with a cushion cut center diamond)), has an incredibly feminine and regal profile with a double bloom for a “big diamond” look. Pave set diamonds all around the band and the center diamond exude timeless elegance and represents the brilliance of the love between you and your partner.

A string of diamonds (Style No. HT2516B) rests gently at the tip of the honeycomb and it complements any diamond engagement ring or looks perfect all by itself! Brilliant diamonds shine from every angle and each diamond represent a loving memory that only you and your lover know.

The word “love” is universal and expressed in different ways, in different languages. Why not express your love this Valentine’s day with diamonds that are the ultimate expression of passion and commitment.



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