Bold and Beautiful

style no. HT2613EC10X8

As they say, diamonds are a girl’s best friend! Whether it’s a pear, solitaire or an emerald, your diamond engagement ring says a lot about who you are!

The emerald cut diamond traditionally symbolizes inner strength, power and leadership.  It has a subtle yet sophisticated regal elegance to it, beloved by powerful women everywhere.

From our RoyalT Fancies collection, this modern and fresh take on a classic emerald solitaire represents every unique quality that makes a Tacori girl special.

A classically irresistible solitaire engagement ring is pictured with diamond accents surrounding an emerald center diamond. Strings of diamonds add divine sparkle to the ceiling and scintillating shine from all angles. Nestled in a beautiful platinum band riddled with over 158 diamonds, the center diamond is brought to life, reflecting light and brilliance from all angles.



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