Cupid's Arrow - The Tacori Commercial

Aim for the heart. In this striking tribute to Cupid, a dramatic golden arrow delivers sparkling treasures from the Simply Tacori Collection, as well as the mythic message of true love.  Featuring one of Tacori's best-selling engagement ring styles (2565RD9), the matching matching his and hers wedding bands illustrate the full romantic bond when Cupid's Arrow strikes the heart.[/youtube]

Musically, "Cupid" is moved with a soaring, sultry dedication in love's most dramatic fashion.   This song, entitled "Avec Ton Amour", is a full-length song designed for Tacori lovers to dance the tango of true love.

Written, composed and performed by Sandy Chila, "Avec Ton Amour"'s sweetly romantic lyrics like "and every breath I take, I love you more and more..." make this song ideal for memorable proposal moments, first dances, and more.    "Avec Ton Amour" is available for sale as a single, or as a 4-song album on iTunes or

"Cupid" is the newest installment of Tacori's Iconic Passion  campaign, and follows in the footsteps of the extremely well-received "Checkmate" tv commercial.  This :30sec spot, began airing nationally on  July 1st, 2010.  It is a romantic personification of Tacori's 'Golden Arrow' print campaign, which has been running in magazines nationwide since 2009.




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