From the vault: a cushion cut diamond ring

Nadine's One of a Kind Engagement Ring

Nadine's One of a Kind Engagement Ring

Nothing says "vintage" quite like a cushion cut diamond engagement ring.  This romantic diamond style hearkens back to the olde days with its rounded "pillow like" shape and the exceptional length and depth of the cushion cut diamond.

The cushion cut is an antique diamond cut that used to be called a "candlelight diamond", referring to the way it was cut prior to electric lights, and a time when diamonds were measured in sparkle by the brilliance they exhibited in candlelight.

Thus, sultry candlit rooms are the perfect backdrop for a cushion cut diamond engagement ring to show its best fire, because this diamond shape will sparkle in the dark of night or the day with light.  Although not as fiery or brilliant as many of the newer cuts, it has a marvelously romantic and classic look and definitely stands out from the crowd.

A cushion cut diamond is for a woman of style who demands to be set apart by her discerning tastes.  In point of fact, this featured cushion cut diamond engagement ring is literally a one-of-a-kind heritage design from Tacori -- made especially for a Tacori family member -- and destined to be a Tacori treasure for the vault.



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