Sparkle with Diamond Fusion


Do you love a round diamond for its classic style and high-wattage sparkle? Or do you love a cushion-cut for its unique shape and old world elegance? Now, we always say that "diamonds go with diamonds" and we support the love for BOTH diamond shapes equally.  From a style perspective, there's no longer any need to choose between these two lovely options, when Tacori has created the ultimate diamond-fusion engagement ring. In this unique setting, Tacori takes a mega-brilliant round diamond as the hero, and nestles in within a cushion-shaped halo of diamond enhancers. With double-split platinum prongs that virtually melt into the setting, the diamonds in the cushion setting shine as a spotlight onto the round center stone to create a showstopping sparkler. A beautiful juxtaposition of modern, yet traditional; classic, yet unconventional, you get the fire and scintillation of a round brilliant, in addition to the depth and dimension of a cushion shape. The best of both worlds shine in this fresh take on a classic diamond engagement ring.

Featured style(s): 2620RDLG

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