Designer on Everyone's Lips

When asked, who's hot for 2009...?

TACORI was named ONE of NINE hot designers "On Everyone's Lips" ...! - by "Lustre", a Modern Jeweler publication



The section on TACORI reads:

Tacori is a leading bridal brand, true. But the brand has also been quietly expanding its offerings into fashion jewelry, and this year, men's bands. The men's collection is unusually integrated into the company's signature look: Although they are traditional from the front, the sides of each men's style are adorned with Tacori's signature crescent motif, making them instantly recognizable. That's due, in part, to Tacori's aggressive defense of its trade dress, with more than 30 lawsuits, including a $1 million judgment this year in California that is making a lot of manufacturers take a second look at any design that seems similar. Now Tacori has moved beyond branding the setting to the diamond itself with a new program of Tacori branded diamonds.



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