Diamond Fame

Tacori Diamond Engagement Ring

Tacori Diamond Engagement Ring

For the Tacori girl who loves the spotlight, this ring is for you!   You can taste the fame and endless fortune with this glamorous Tacori stunner.  We like to call it a “ten table ring” because it can be spotted from ten tables away!

While this Tacori engagement ring is timeless, it is also extremely fashionable.  With bold diamond accents and a single halo of diamonds surrounding the center stone, this ring is not to be missed.

Astonishing shine blends classic glamour with bold distinctive detail for this emerald-cut engagement ring. The side baguettes serve as the pop for the entire piece.  A crown of diamonds enhances and lights up the center stone and tapered baguettes illuminate signature Tacori design details. While the view from above is breathtaking, the profile of this engagement ring will leave you speechless.  With signature Tacori Reverse Crescents lining the sides of the band and an hour-glass shape diamond filled carriage, this ring truly shines as bright as the stars above.

Illuminate your love and that ring finger with this sparkling diamond vision!

Written by: Traci Murakami

Featured Style No. HT 2531 12X



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