Diamond Girls!

Tacori has the best ♦ diamond-loving-friends ♦ on Facebook!

You Voted - Here's what you want to see!

#1 - PRINCESS (84 votes)
#2 - ASSCHER (37 votes)
#3 - ROUND (32 votes)
#4 - CUSHION (25 votes)
#5 - EMERALD (18 votes)

It was a runaway win for sparkly Princess, but very close between the other shapes!

To thank you ALL for voting for your favorites, Tacori will be showing you a *Ring of the Day* in each of the Top Five shapes you ♥

Here's the schedule for your daily ring candy: Today - Princess...Friday - Asscher...Monday - Round...Tuesday -Cushion...Wednesday - Emerald.

Be sure to stay tuned on www.Facebook.com/Tacori for your favorite diamond shapes to be featured!



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