Download the Tacori "Checkmate" Ringtone

The Free Tacori Ringtone is only Available one Place in the World, Here!

"We began playing our Checkmate commercial with the “Ooh la, mi cha cha cha” song and immediately received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback. Instead of charging customers for it, we have decided to give it away for free as a way of saying thank you to the community for supporting Tacori. This ringtone download will only be available on this Tacori blog post for a limited amount of time."

This blog is the only place in the world where you can download the Tacori' "Checkmate" Ringtone ~ Ooh la, mi cha cha cha. If you are a fan of the song, we kindly ask that you like our Facebook page by clicking the button below:

Follow the step-by-step instructions below to Download the Ringtone. Or, email Tacori at to receive the MP3 Ringtone format and instructions on how to download on your Mobile Phone. Enjoy!

How to Download the Tacori Ringtone to Your Computer

1. Right click the image or link above
2. Select the option to “Save Link As” in Firefox or “Save Target As” in Internet Explorer
3. Save the link to your computer

How to Transfer the Tacori Ringtone to Your Mobile Phone

Now that you have the Ringtone saved to your computer, you can transfer it to your Mobile Phone.

1. From your computer, email the MP3 ringtone as an attachment, to your Mobile phone
2. Now, from your Mobile phone, open the email, and the attachment
3. Save the MP3 file as a ringtone on your Mobile phone
4. (You can also transfer the ringtone via USB chord).
5. Enjoy!

How to Download if you are Browsing from a Mobile Phone

1. Using your Mobile Phone, navigate to the Tacori Checkmate Ringtone Blogpost (You are here now)
2. Once there, click the image or link to download

3. Choose the option to “Save” the MP3 file

4. Save the MP3 file to your smart phone

5. The file will now be ready to play in your media section

6. Navigate to your media section

7. Open your ringtones folder

8. Select my ringtones

9. Select the option to “Set as Ringtone”

How to Upload to iPhone

To download the ringtone to your iPhone you must first download it to your computer. Everything for your iPhone needs to go through iTunes-music. After you have downloaded the ringtone to your computer, follow the easy steps laid out in this article. If you would like to use a free ringtone creator for your iPhone you can learn more about that here.

More on the Tacori' “Checkmate” Ringtone ~ Ooh la, mi cha cha cha
The 30 second song, "Ooh la, mi cha cha cha", was created as an exclusive composition for Tacori as a backdrop to the iconic Checkmate commercial, currently airing nationwide. Written and composed by Sandy Chila, award-winning vocalist Michelle Harding is the sultry songstress who brought the playful "Ooh la, mi cha cha cha" song to life.

In the memorable "Checkmate" spot, sculpted ebony and bone chess pieces act as a striking visual metaphor for the passion of conquest, which highlight the Tacori "Dantela Collection" of wedding rings. The musical composition is a sonic personification of the playfully passionate dance between a King, as he falls to his knees in the game of Love in order to crown his Queen.

Read the Tacori “Checkmate” Ringtone Press Release

Watch the Tacori “Checkmate” Ringtone Commercial on YouTube



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