Should Engagement Rings be a Surprise? POLL RESULTS

TACORI answers the Question: “Should Engagement Rings be a Surprise?"

LOS ANGELES, CA – November 9, 2010 – When it comes to the proposal, many people are conflicted on whether the engagement rings should be a complete surprise, or whether the woman who it is intended for should have input on the ring style. TACORI, the leading designer in platinum and diamond engagement rings and wedding rings, sought to get to the bottom of the age-old debate, with a TACORI Poll asking “Should the engagement ring be a surprise?”

With hundreds of respondents to this poll, TACORI found that although many women love the romantic idea of a surprise, fewer than 25% of women want the proposal to be a complete surprise.

Almost 70% of women agree that SHE should have some sort of input on the ring – but that the proposal itself should be a surprise.  A small percentage, 6%, want to jointly plan both the ring and the engagement with their partner. 

In addition to 231 respondents to the poll question, TACORI’s Facebook page had 302 interactions on this question, and 152 comments. Most women responding to the poll wanted to pick out their own ring, but still be surprised with the proposal.

So how do future brides balance their desire to both have input into the ring, and still be romantically surprised when the ring is presented?  Here is a sample of the TACORI Facebook fan comments about this poll:

  • Definitely [the proposal] should be a surprise...I went to the TACORI website and picked out my 5 absolute favorite settings and gave him my thoughts on the ideal center stone with a few different variations...That way my engagement ring will be a total surprise, but it's inevitable that I'll absolutely love it.


  • I believe THE PROPOSAL itself should be a surprise, but c’mon if we're going to wear our rings for the rest of our lives and it's going to serve as a symbol of our union then I think we should have some input as to what it's going to look like. Besides, what guy wouldn't be happy and reassured by the fact that he already knows his future fiancé is going to love her ring. Happy wife, happy life. Duh ;)


  • I like the idea of proposing with a center stone and picking out the rings together.


  • A "helped" surprise. I think you should tell/show him what ring you want and then he should actually go out and get it for you when you least expect it.


  • We picked [the ring] out together, but he surprised me with the rest. I didn't get to see the ring or even know that it was ready until our special night. The night he asked me to be his wife was, and still is, the most romantic evening of my life.


  • Depends on the dynamic of the relationship. Some couples would prefer it to be a surprise while others would like to make such an investment decision together. For us, we wanted to pick out the ring together and then the proposal was a surprise ;] Worked out perfectly for us.


  • I do believe it should be a surprise but I don’t see anything wrong with leaving picture hints around the house just to give him a li’l help...


 “We’ve learned that women very much like the surprise aspect of the proposal, but it’s still extremely important that the engagement ring – perhaps the single most significant piece of jewelry that a woman will wear – reflects her personal style,” said a TACORI representative. “If you are getting ready to propose, we recommend that you look for engagement ring hints, such as:  she’s friends with TACORI on Facebook; she follows @TACORI on Twitter; she’s leaving magazines open to TACORI’s advertisements; she’s bookmarked   She wants her future husband to know what she likes, and she’s hoping that her future husband is picking up these little hints!”

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