Fancy Canary

style no. HT2516PR6 (SO 0126005), variation of HT2516RD65

Do you fancy a canary diamond?

Resting in an incredible ring from our Blooming Beauties collection with a unique double bloom to make this glamorous ring a modern stunner, a canary diamond is brought to life by the spotlight diamonds and the fine Tacori touch.

Precious canary diamonds are one of the rarest diamonds that can be found in nature in their purest form, and range from deep hues of yellow to light yellow, depending on the stone’s exposure to nitrogen. Diamonds in general are symbolic of everlasting love and commitment, however, canary diamonds hold a deeper meaning of happiness, joy and prosperity.

The classic Tacori diamond engagement ring starts with a band that grows larger as it gets closer to the center princess-cut canary diamond. With pave-set diamonds streamlining the band, the diamonds gradually grow as it nears the center diamond. Giving modern flair to the timeless beauty of the Tacori diamond engagement ring, the canary diamond brings depth and dimension to an already awe-inspiring jewel.



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