Featured Retailer - Best of NYC - Michael C. Fina

Michael C. Fina - authorized Tacori Retailer in New York City

Michael C. Fina - authorized Tacori Retailer in New York City

Best place to shop for TACORI in New York City: Michael C. Fina

If you’re looking for TACORI in New York City, the exclusive retailer Michael C. Fina on 545 Fifth Ave., should be your first stop.

With literally HUNDREDS of TACORI rings in their engagement ring and wedding band gallery, Michael C. Fina’s engagement ring specialists can tell you the unique characteristics that each and every ring embodies. Staff gemologists and an in-house jeweler are also available to secure the perfect diamond for your TACORI diamond engagement ring.

The staff at Michael C. Fina exemplifies the family-founded company ideals that TACORI also has; a strong commitment to quality and integrity, passion for every aspect of design, and commitment to the idea of a cherished heirloom that can be passed down from generation to generation.

Steven Fina, Vice President of Michael C. Fina, says this, about why his family’s store has been such a destination for couples looking to get engaged with TACORI rings: “We understand that a customer’s selection will take time, patience and a guiding knowledge. Above all else, the consultants at Michael C. Fina appreciate the importance of building lifelong relationships by ensuring exceptional, personalized customer service. Many of our jewelry associates are even invited to their customers’ weddings because they become so close during the wedding process.”

Steven continues, “We love all our customers, but we really enjoy those that are enthusiastic about the process and open about their wants and needs. When helping a customer select an engagement ring we try to learn everything we can about her; what does she do for a living? What’s her style? Is she active? Does she prefer sneakers or stilettos? These clues into her style and lifestyle help us select a ring she will love wearing every day.”

Rather than being filled with anxiety while trying to find the perfect engagement ring, Michael C. Fina is the place to enjoy one of the happiest times in your life. Trained Fina associates help clients find a TACORI ring to fit any style or price point. And with the Michael C. Fina diamond upgrade policy, you can even upgrade the diamond down the road. All you have to do is purchase a diamond that’s even $1 more than the originally, and they will put the original diamond’s value towards the new one. How fun to allow your diamond to grow as your love does!

Michael C. Fina celebrates their 75 year anniversary this year, which is a true testament to their success. TACORI is very proud to be carried by Michael C. Fina in New York City; truly, they are a “best of…” destination spot for all things TACORI.

Michael C. Fina

545 Fifth Ave

New York, NY




Twitter @MichaelCFina

Youtube channel:  TVfina

Michael C. Fina - engagement ring gallery

Michael C. Fina - engagement ring gallery



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