Glowing Green Onyx Bracelet

Glowing Green Onyx Bracelet

Glowing Green Onyx Bracelet

From Tacori’s newest 18k925 collection, this single strand gemstone bracelet glowing with multi-dimensional green onyx will complete the perfect outfit for any season!

From crisp apple to sweet pear, the latest enviable “it” color proves that it really is easy being glam in Green.

Make them envious!  Glowing Green Onyx will sizzle on your skin oh-so radiantly, framed with cool .925 silver baskets that allow the piece to move with every motion.  This gemstone bracelet is completed with an 18k yellow gold Tacori seal clasp.

With clear quartz layered over green onyx this bracelet provides a translucent shimmering glow that brings a unique hue to each gemstone on different skin tones.

Bring life to your LBD with this glamorous green onyx intricately detailed arm candy!

Written by: Traci Murakami

Featured Style No. SB11627



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