March Birthstone: Tacori Sky Blue Topaz

style no. SR14502    Check out more of our sky blue topaz jewels from our Island Rains collection 

Aquamarine in the birthstone for March. Why not celebrate your birthday in style with Tacori’s sky blue topaz jewels from our Island Rains collection?

Sometimes called the “Water of the Sea”, the March birthstone has long been revered as a talisman against harm, so much so that sailors often take the stone out to sea to protect them from the water. It is also said to have calming and soothing powers and is used in meditation to bring about peace and serenity.

Reminiscent of cool waters from your favorite island destination, this enchanting sky blue topaz stone complements almost any outfit.

Sparkle in style with your favorite jeans and blazer during the day, or glam it up in a little black dress for a night out on the town.



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