Lace-Like Beauty

style no. 2627RDMD

The classically beautiful Dantela collection with diamond engagement rings featured in our iconic “Chess Piece” advertisement, showcases designs with an eye-catching allure and timeless elegance. The name Dantela, which translates to “Lace” in Romanian, is a nod to the Tacori family heritage that also references the lace-like look of the diamond details.

Spiraling strings of platinum and pave diamonds create the most elegant and delicate ceiling for a brilliant round center diamond. The unique single bloom of diamonds around the large center diamond gives the illusion of a bigger jewel and is reminiscent of a flower blooming in a bed of diamonds. With intricate diamond ribbon twists all along the band that tell the story of your whirlwind love, this ring is breathtaking and awe-inspiring. Let the diamond criss-crossing details depict the ups and downs of your journey together, and let the center diamond remind you of your unwavering love.

As one of Tacori’s most requested engagement rings, this unique setting creates a look that is a beautiful juxtaposition of modern, yet traditional; classic, yet unconventional. Diamonds enhance both the look and shape of this platinum engagement ring. Pave dazzles along the criss-crossing ceiling, and a diamond crown gives the round center diamond a cushion-cut look.

This ring is the quintessential jewel for the Tacori girl looking for an engagement ring with the perfect juxtaposition of modern flair and timeless luxury.



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