Luscious Candy Drop Bracelet

Tacori Gemstone Bracelet

Tacori Gemstone Bracelet

Glamorous and playful gemstones create the ultimate stylish look for the most delicious arm candy a Tacori girl can have.

Bright and playful, with color-filled gemstones and unique crescent engraved details, this Tacori 18k925 bracelet is a modern take on iconic glamour.   Elongated oval shaped candy-drop gems in saffron Lemon Quartz, honeyed Cognac Quartz, burnt orange Madeira Citrine, Smokey Quartz and sweet Rose Amethyst flutter in pronged blossom kaleidoscope circlets, fastened into a strand of luxe .925 silver with an 18k gold Tacori seal at the clasp.  Handcrafted milligrain details throughout each of the interlocking silver loops, make this bracelet fun and flirty while flaunting great taste and fashionable style.

Unique shapes and multiple shades of rich colorful stones set this bracelet apart from any other.  To add that special Tacori touch, each gemstone is encased with the signature crescent motif.

Add a splash of color to your favorite outfit with this elegantly luscious candy drop gemstone bracelet.

Written by: Traci Murakami

Featured Style No. SB105



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