Make Her Blush - Valentine's Day Gift Guide


Valentine’s Day. It’s the fourteenth day in February that allows couples to celebrate their love, where single people are made even more aware of their status, and more importantly, when people muster up the courage to take a chance on love.

The historical significance of St. Valentine and the day commemorated in his memory is shrouded in mystery. It is most commonly believed that Roman Emperor Claudius II, decreed and forbid young men from holy matrimony, deeming that they should be alone to become better, more loyal soldiers of the state. It is said that St. Valentine defied the emperor in the name of love and continued to perform marriages for young lovers in Rome. Upon discovery of his treason, St. Valentine was put to death.

If his legend is indeed true, it’s only fitting that we celebrate our loves or even take a chance on love, just as St. Valentine did for young Roman lovers.

Explore our Valentine's Day Gift Guide and see what gifts would make you blush. From romantic hues of the setting California sun in our Moon Rosé Collection, our Pretty in Pink strings of diamonds, rock 'n roll chic Classic Rock Collection, to the ultimate Promise bracelet, we have gifts to celebrate the special days and the every days in between.

Visit our Valentine's Day Gift Guide.



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