New Tacori Men’s Band Fit for a Prince

Tacori Sapphire Band

Tacori Sapphire Band

The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton is finally here!  The world has been counting down the days since William first presented Kate with his late mother’s sapphire and diamond engagement ring.  And with so much attention on HER ring we are all wondering, “what will William wear?”

According to and other sources, there has been speculation that Prince William may not wear a wedding band.   But if it were up to Tacori, William would wear sapphires and diamonds too!   We think this stunning new style from Tacori’s latest addition to the Men’s Crescent Collection is the ideal pick for a prince, especially William.   With Kate in diamonds and sapphires, it would be fitting for him to wear a band that also features these royal gemstones that speak to Kate’s ring and symbolize their union.   The royal sapphire represent loyalty and fidelity, and these deep blue gems are the British Royal Family’s gemstone of choice.

In this Tacori Men’s band, Royal sapphires are set within the ‘crown-like’ crescents, a nod to the royal crown he will soon wear, with handcrafted miligrain detailing inside of the band and a single secret diamond tucked inside the precious piece.  Even if our prince ‘isn't one for jewelry,’ this Tacori men’s band is truly fit for a prince.

See this Tacori men’s band style and other suggestions for William on  Maybe these will make him change his mind?

Written by:  Traci Murakami

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