Ode to Amethyst

se102p0113_multiAs the passionately purple birthstone of February, amethysts are a symbol of protection, sincerity and peace of mind. This coveted jewel was described by Moses as a symbol of the Spirit of God, and Russian Empress Catherine the Great sent thousands of miners into the Urals in search of it. But you don't have to be Royalty, or even born in February, to savor the regal allure of these bold Lilac Amethyst and crystalline Rose Amethyst gemstones, as they sit atop one another in a fresh, femininely styled earring. Set in eye-catching 18k rose gold bezels, these sweet stunners create a royal hue for any, and every, month of the year.

Featured style: SE102P0113

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Contributing writer: Christina Padis



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