Geometry of Diamonds


Tacori diamond ring, style 2569pr6

In High School, Geometry may have meant calculating the angles of quadrilateral Triangles or knowing the theorum that equates the area of a Square as "a squared".   However, as an adult, we've found that it's much more fun to talk geometry of shapes and when you're talking about Diamonds!

This diamond engagement ring exemplifies sparkle to the nth degree,  with the inclusion of three different diamond shapes:  Square (aka Princess cut diamond), Triangle (aka Trillion) and Round (aka Round Brilliant).

An engagement ring ideal for the modern beauty with a careful eye for design, this diamond ring features two trillion-cut diamonds (Triangles) framing a princess-cut (Square) center diamond.  Delicate filigree details and rows of round diamonds set along the channel of the band establish the Tacori look and style, all in perfect geometric symmetry.

Featured Style: 2569PR6



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