Purple Reign

style no. SR14501 and SR14513


Calling all February babies! Enchanting Tacori amethyst jewels are calling your name. As the passionately purple birthstone of February, amethyst is a symbol or royalty, power, and literally translates to “not drunken” in Greek. Amethyst was enjoyed by British royalty, and was featured regularly in the British Crown Jewels. It was also a favorite of Catherine the Great as well as Egyptian royalty, who regarded this purple gemstone to be an insignia of power and strength.

The word Amethyst derived from the Greek word “amethystos”, which translates into “not drunken”, and the Greeks considered amethyst to be a talisman against the unruliness and “drunkenness” caused by consuming alcohol. Amethyst was also considered to hold and exude healing powers to remedy people of ailments and other diseases.

How about celebrating your February birthday with amethyst, a stone with such historical significance and beauty, and an everlasting symbol of regality, sincerity, protection, and peace of mind?

From our Lilac Blossoms collection, these enchanting rings are sure to make any girl's birthday special.

The deep royal amethyst on the left is truly fit for the Tacori Girl yearning to exude the elegance of a queen. The light rose amethyst center stone is for the Tacori Girl who wants to feel like a dainty princess. Both stones are nestled within a bed of brilliant diamonds, creating jewels that are fit for royalty.

Give your special someone (or yourself!) a beautiful Tacori amethyst jewel this February and make the birthday girl feel like a queen on her special day.



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