Regal Marquise Beauty

style no. HT2546MQ10X5 (see the round version here)

Regal and beautiful, this marquise diamond cut is perfect for the Tacori Girl, who yearns to express her unique personality and stylish flair.

The Marquise cut diamond, also known as the “Navette cut” was first created by King Louis XV of France, who commissioned his court jeweler to create a diamond cut to reflect the beautiful shape of his mistress’ s lips. The marquise cut diamond resembles that of a long oval that has been stretched out at the ends.

Not only is the marquise diamond stunning but it has a slimming effect on your fingers while also making the diamond appear larger than it actually is.

Come on, adventurous Tacori Girl! Tell the world that you're not afraid to make a fashion statement with your brilliant marquise diamond engagement ring.



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