Get the Look: Jones-ing for glamour, gold and glitter.

 Champagne Sunset cuff, style FB659Y

Champagne Sunset cuff, style FB659Y

Samantha's style has a sexy edge which makes it difficult to envision her in anything besides something bold, gold and glittering. With her sharp sophistication, uncanny, old-Hollywood wit and an eye for trends that are both of the moment and timeless, SATC's sultry Samantha Jones positively radiates glamour.

So what would be more appropriate for this trend-setting trailblazer than a bold bangle of diamonds? This glittering cuff from the Champagne Sunset collection seems like the perfect fit.

Splendid diamond curves breathe light into every dimension of this captivating golden cuff. Tacori's multidimensional Champagne Sunset collection infuses the glittering effervescence of champagne with startling hues of dusk and dawn.

Featured style(s): FB659Y

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