Tacori back on top! "50 Most Visible Jewelry Brands" by InDesign (Tacori #4)

InDesign SeptOct 2011

InDesign SeptOct 2011

InDesign Magazine just published their yearly “Top 50” list, and TACORI comes in at # 4…!

Congrats to ALL!!

And just for comparison, let’s see how TACORI measures up against the #1 (Tiffany), #2 (Pandora), and #3 (Le Vian) brands.

  • TACORI’s total ad pages hit several points over #2 Pandora – at 104.44 (Tacori) vs. 102.04 (Pandora)
  • TACORI’s total Facebook fans are several hundred more than #3 Le Vian – at 227,515 (Tacori) vs. 14,974 (Le Vian)
  • And more importantly, as you can see in the bar graph to the left of the #4 listing, TACORI’s visibility has remained the most constant over the 2007 – 2011 time frame – proving that we are a solid brand that has been around during good times and bad, and will stay on top for many more years to come!

Source: Sept/Oct 2011 issue, InDesign Magazine



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