Tacori Engagement Journal and Keepsake Memory Box

Tacori Engagement Journal
Tacori Engagement Journal

Congratulations! You’re Engaged!

Being engaged is a wonderful time to capture all the memories of your love story, from the day you first met, through the important milestones in your relationship, and your hopes and dreams for your future together.

As you celebrate your love for each other during your engagement, this Tacori Engagement Journal and Keepsake Memory Box will help you record all the feeling of this very special time in your lives. In filling it out, the two of you will create lasting memories that you can look back on in years to come. As you write down your thoughts and feeling, and paste in photos and mementos, the journal will become a keepsake that tells your uniquely passionately love story – the story of you.

And best of all, the Keepsake Box converts into a Jewelry Box! The perfect place to keep your cherished Tacori engagement ring, wedding bands, and other personal jewelry items.

Visit your local authorized Tacori retailers to purchase this exclusive Tacori keepsake item!
http://www.tacori.com/Where-to-Buy-Engagement-Rings for a store near you.

The Tacori Engagement Journal & Keepsake Memory Box  is also a Martha Stewart favorite. Check it out here.



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