Tacori on NBC: Green Wedding Rings

TACORI: Green Wedding Rings

For more and more  environmentally-conscious brides and grooms, green is "in" for their wedding.  The green wedding movement is being expressed in the selections of  items like eco-friendly favors, sustainable floral arrangements, all the way to their engagement ring.

In honor of April, Earth Month, Paul Tacorian of Tacori offers tips to find the perfect "green" engagement ring .


1)  Buy Local.  Locally handcrafted rings, like Tacori, which are created at their design headquarters in California, are "greener" than buying overseas designers from China, Italy or elsewhere.  Why?  Buying local reduces the carbon footprint of shipping overseas.

2) Check emissions.  Even when working with precious metals and gemstones, which require high levels of technology, Tacori exceeds strenuous local standards of air and water quality to ensure that any emissions leaving our design headquarters do not contribute to industrial waste in our community, or in the world.

3) Waste not. Tacori's recycling standards ensure that paper, plastic and glass are recycled on a weekly basis from the entire Tacori headquarters.  Also, instead of accumulating non-renewable plastic bottles for every employee, Tacori installed purified water dispensers in order to reduce plastic bottle waste.  The lighting system at Tacori is even on a timer or motion sensor so that no electricity is wasted when not needed.

4) Want not. Green investments mean purchasing long-term items, rather than disposable or flimsy items of lower quality.  Tacori creates timeless jewelry designs crafted of precious platinum or gold, and the most eternal of stones -- conflict-free diamonds.   These investment pieces are intended to last a lifetime, and to be the heirlooms of tomorrow.



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