Tacori Releases Exclusive Behind the Scenes Footage: “Par Chance- The Making Of”

Tacori Releases Exclusive Behind the Scenes Footage: “Par Chance- The Making Of”

June 17, 2013—Los Angeles, CA – Tacori’s fashion film “Par Chance” proves that love at first sight can happen at any given moment and around every corner.  NEW – for the first time ever, get behind-the-scenes access to the story, the jewelry and the passion.

Meet the people behind the scenes of this love story and get new insight into the world of Tacori, including interviews with Paul Tacorian, President of Sales & Marketing, as well as acclaimed director, Steven Antin (Burlesque).  Filmed in New York, the cast and crew worked on this story for a year before finally diving into the filming of “Par Chance”.  This never before seen behind-the-scenes footage explores how “Par Chance” came to life, while explaining the story of the writer who recounts how one chance encounter led to true love.

The passionate love story of “Par Chance”, punctuated by iconic jewelry from Tacori, highlights classic and much loved Tacori jewelry pieces, along with some new, modern jewelry designs, such as the “City Lights” collection from Tacori.

This exclusive look behind the scenes will take viewers into the world of fashion, film, and of course, love at first sight. Watch as the story unfolds and learn how the fashion film came to life in New York under the direction of Steven Antin. Listen to the exclusive interview with the visionary director and watch as the film goes from an idea, to a storyboard, to the screen.

The film follows a writer who relives his experience with love at first sight, and the chance encounter leads to a passionate love. Viewers can see the construction of the film as it follows the writer, and watch as the film is enhanced by the Tacori jewelry. Listen to the interviews with Paul Tacorian and learn about the legend behind Tacori jewelry, and get an exclusive look at how the new “City Lights” collection was incorporated into the film.

Tacori is most known for the diamond engagement rings and bridal sets favored by celebrities and couples across the nation. The jewelry is hand crafted in California, and Tacori offers a wide range of customization options for couples looking for an extra special touch in a bridal set. Whether couples or individuals are looking for traditional and simplistic pieces, or statement pieces that are bold and unique, Tacori has collections and individual pieces to suit every style.

Tacori holds a long history of excellence in the world of handcrafted jewelry. With traditional and iconic designs, Tacori’s designs are an incredible balance of classic style with a modern twist. The versatility of the jewelry is highlighted in “Par Chance- The Making Of”. The film shows how iconic love is brought into modern times, and that fresh new take on the traditional is reflected in the stunning jewelry. For more information and to view the film, please visit http://www.tacori.com/tacoristory/par-chance-film.

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Based in Los Angeles, Tacori has a four generation history of family artisans, whose attention to detail and classic designs of diamond engagement rings and jewelry collections have earned the Tacori name well-deserved fame.



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