Tacori Vintage Love

Unique Oval Engagement Ring

Unique Oval Engagement Ring

For the Tacori girl that appreciates the history behind vintage and heirloom jewelry, this oval shaped diamond engagement ring combines classic sophistication with a modern Tacori touch.

With an heirloom vibe, this ring is perfect for the vintage vamp, with an absolutely distinctive design and the prettiest of profiles-- with diamonds decorating crescent details and the exposed culet kissing a sweetheart carriage.

Diamond detailed looped platinum panels create the shoulders on this stunning design.  With hollow windows of light all along the profile, this unique oval shaped engagement ring sparkles any way you look at it.

With two sparkling halos surrounding the center stone highlighting each facet within the brilliant oval shaped diamond, this ring is sure to take her breath away.

Express that forever kind of love with this brilliant oval shaped diamond design.

Written by: Traci Murakami

Featured Style No. HT2518OV8X6W



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