The Most Lasting Symbol Of Your Love

In the whirlwind of preparing for marriage, the wedding bands are left to the last minute. However, what people forget to realize is that wedding bands are the most important and lasting symbol of marriage. Our very own Paul Tacorian agrees by saying, “After the honeymoon is over, the wedding cake is eaten, and the flowers are gone, your one and only most lasting and visible symbol of your commitment is your Tacori ring. Wedding rings are a symbol of your marriage that’s always with you, but wedding bands may indeed by the ultimate accessory of your lifetime. It’s the mark of a lifelong connection, and reflects your passion and commitment every day of your life”.



Why not show your commitment to each other with complementary bands? Elegant and sophisticated, these rings represent all the passion and romance that two lovers share – glowing with shine and shimmer that will bring out the sparkle in your love’s eyes. They say “Love” is a language spoken throughout the world, and there is no better way to express the feeling than with these exquisite crescent engraved bands that “speak” to each other like two lovers, sharing one soul.  These matching Tacori bands are the ultimate expression of passion and commitment with romantic circles of love that unite sophistication with style for a classic, yet modern look. Bind your future as a couple with a totally unique Gentleman’s band in a silky satin finish and crescent silhouette details, paired with a pave string of diamonds, also featuring the hand-engraved lace-like crescent pattern.

A truly perfect match.



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