The Round Diamond

Did you know that 53% of engagement rings have a round center diamond? (research survey by The Knot Magazine)

There’s no wondering why the round diamond is so popular. It’s the most classic and traditional of all diamond cuts and the circular shape of the diamond represents a continuous, unending love. The round diamond attracts the Tacori Girl looking for a timeless emblem of her love; a woman who believes in true romance, unwavering fidelity, and pure innocent love.

The round diamond is also considered to be superior to other fancy diamond shapes due to the mechanics of its shape, which allows proper reflection of light for maximum sparkle and brilliance. This diamond is also more costly than other shapes because more of the rough stone is lost in the cutting process than any of the other fancy diamonds.

If you have your eye set on an engagement ring with a round center diamond, what do you think about this beauty?

style no. HT2609RD10


From our RoyalT collection, a brilliant round center diamond is brought to life with stunning spotlight diamonds creating a truly royal crown, exuding regal elegance and timeless luxury. Milligrain details decorate every inch of this diamond engagement ring and crescent silhouettes create a timeless and classic profile for a look that is sure to please any blushing bride to be. A channel set string of diamonds complete this true work of art, bringing modern flair to a traditional round center diamond.

Whatever diamond shape you decide on for your engagement ring, choose one that you believe best symbolizes your everlasting love.




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