The Tacori Blue Bands Program

The Tacori Blue Bands program bring Tacori Girls one step closer to becoming a “Tacori Couple."

Every customer who purchases a TACORI Engagement Ring (from an authorized Tacori retailer participating in the Blue Bands Program) always receives the "Tacori Blue Bands" at the time of purchase. Within the Tacori Blue Bands package, each Tacori couple takes home a portion of the card. When the Tacori Bride and Tacori Groom are ready to purchase their Tacori Wedding Bands-- they can Trade-UP their "Tacori Blue Bands" for a value of $50 each towards their wedding bands.


Bound by passion. Timeless, elegant and a lifelong symbol of Love, The Tacori Couple. ~


Check here to register for the  Tacori Blue Bands Program.



Tacori Blue Bands 2012 Tacori Blue Bands 2012



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