The TACORI Checkmate Commercial

The TACORI Checkmate Commercial

The Tacori commercial brings the iconic Tacori chess print advertisement for unique engagement rings to life. In this vignette, sculpted ebony and bone chess pieces are a striking visual metaphor of the passion of conquest -- highlighting the stunning Tacori "Dantela Collection" engagement rings.

With music written and composed by Sandy Chila, award-winning vocalist Michelle Harding is the sultry songstress who brings the playful "Ooh la, mi cha cha cha" song to life.   The musical composition is a sonic personification of the playfully passionate dance between a King, as he falls to his knees in the game of Love in order to crown his Queen.

Tacori is pleased to announce that this song, "Ooh la, mi cha cha cha", will soon be available as a FREE Tacori ringtone.  Those who are interested will be able to download the ring tone for free straight from the Tacori blog (stay tuned!).[/youtube]


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