Traditional and Modern

Style No. (top to bottom): HT2518CU75323ET, variation of 413RD75323PR75

Which diamond engagement ring is making your heart skip a beat?

The classic round diamond is the most popular diamond cut and represents almost 75% of all diamonds sold. Due to the mechanics and logistics of cutting a round shaped diamond, this diamond is considered to be superior to the other fancy diamond cuts. Representing infinite love with its circular shape and a treasured timeless diamond shape by traditional and classic women all around the world, this round diamond is sure to woo your heart.

Second most popular after the round diamond is the princess cut diamond, which is a fairly new diamond shape that was first created in the 1960s and continues to attract the attention of excited brides. The princess cut diamond is for the bold Tacori woman, ready to take on the world and shine in the spotlight.

Whichever diamond shape expresses your unique style and personality, these diamonds are brought to life by the beautiful Tacori platinum engagement rings that allow for maximum brilliance and shine from the diamonds.




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