Triple Blooming Beauty

Tacori Three Stone Beauty

Tacori Three Stone Beauty

Heads will turn, and jaws will drop with one look at this fabulous three stone Tacori engagement ring.  A unique triple round diamond center piece, with signature Tacori crescents along the band add the finishing touches for an absolutely perfect ring all the way around.

It’s all in the details, and this ring, without a doubt highlights all the intricate diamond details Tacori engagement rings are known for. Mirror finished platinum prongs secure the three center stones while double diamond halos absolutely bloom the center stones for a look that is both sophisticated and fabulously stylish.

Double the halos, triple the diamonds and limitless shine! With three times the sparkle this Tacori forever piece will become a symbol of your love and relationship that will last a lifetime.  Signature diamond crescents and the exposed culet give this blooming beauty the prettiest of profiles.

With a little extra love on each side of this sparkling beauty, this ring will reflect luminous light from miles away.

Written by: Traci Murakami

Featured Style No. HT2525RD75



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