Truly Unique

custom variation of style no. 2620RDLGP with a pear shaped diamond (click here to see the round version)

For the Tacori Girl looking for a truly unique diamond engagement ring to express her personality and stylish flair, this ring is the perfect fit.

The pear shaped diamond, also called the tear drop diamond due to its shape, is a combination of the brilliant round cut and the marquise cut. It exudes extra sparkle and shine because of its unique shape and has sophisticated elegance.

The great thing about this pear shaped diamond is that you can wear it any way you want to, depending on your mood! You can wear the ring with the tip of the pear on top or on the bottom, letting it represent your feelings throughout the day.

Come on, bold Tacori Girls! Isn't it about time you sparkled YOUR way in Tacori?



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