Who knew this Tacori color combination could look so good?

Blues: bracelet - SB16035  ring - SR15935  Chalcedony:  pendant - SN12826 
necklace - SN11426 Pink: pendant - SN100P25 

Who would ever have imagined that a combination of dark and neutral tones could look so sexy?

Wearing Tacori jewelry in an enchanting combination of dark hues of blue, creamy white chalcedony, and blushing tones of delicate pink is sure to bring out your inner stylist. This juxtaposition of dark and light brings a pop of unconventional sass and balance of color to any outfit.

Pairing the light and airy rose amethyst over mother of pearl pendant with the creamy white chalcedony necklace provides an accessory foundation that imparts the perfect touch of femininity to any outfit. And when you add a pop of our bold dark blue pieces to this medley, you’re adding depth and dimension for a look that is sure to demand attention.

This Spring, it’s all about mixing hues from the color palette to blend dynamic brights, calming neutral tones, and mysterious dark tones to create a colorful harmony that reflects your own unique style and personality. Express yourself with this unconventional color combination from Tacori.



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