Who What Wear Accessory Report:Pendant Necklaces

This just in from Who What Wear Daily’s Accessory Report: Pendant necklaces are super-hot this season, and the best part is, you can get super creative in how you style them, and the length you wear them at!  Can someone say décolletage?   Go for a pop of Red dropped down to the belly– a la Ashlee Simpson – in an animal print jumper.  Or try a more subtle combo over bright white - like Alexa Chung.

Whichever length you chose for your pendant drop, don’t be afraid to go for interesting designs and bold colors, like these pieces from Tacori’s 18k925.  The collection offers pendant necklaces in a range of gemstone color options like: vibrant Green Onyx, edgy Rutilated Quartz over Black Onyx, and Smokey hues of Cognac and Whiskey Quartz.  And prices starting at $290!

Want to see more pendant necklaces from Tacori 18k925?  Click here to browse the collections: http://www.tacori.com/Fine-Jewelry/Collections/18K925

Featured Style No.s SN100Y15, SN13427, SN105Y19

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