Cross Necklace

A beautiful diamond cross necklace seldom possesses both the "wow" factor of other fine diamond jewelry while still managing to embody understated elegance and reverence. Yet, the deliberate power and meaning of the cross is only intensified with gorgeous, glittering diamonds in the Tacori diamond cross necklace collection. Each of our beautiful diamond studded cross necklaces are incredibly wearable, creating a subtle sparkle without taking away the significance of the cross.

Each women's and men's cross necklace in the Tacori collection offers amazing presence and elegance, demanding attention and commanding respect for its detailed design. From our world-famous designer diamond rings to our stunning gold necklaces and everything in between, every Tacori piece is expertly crafted to perfection – and our cross necklaces are no exception.

Featuring Tacori's signature crescent engraving and unbelievable handcraftsmanship (like all of Tacori's handcrafted jewelry pieces and necklaces for women), each diamond and gold cross necklace is above and beyond worthy for worship. While not the traditional style of cross necklace you may be accustomed to, all the little details and artisanship on each Tacori cross necklace combine to offer interest from every angle, along with a one-of-a-kind look for you to love.

Tacori cross necklaces can be worn every day, with casual clothing or chic ensembles alike. Wear your necklace to church, out to dinner, to work, or anywhere else of your choosing – it will go with anything! Completely unique and handmade especially for you, you will treasure your necklace and pass it down through your family for generations to come.

Understated beauty, elegance, and grace: if these are the characteristics you're looking for in a diamond cross necklace, let us present you with the wide variety of Tacori cross necklaces for your consideration.