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Cushion Cut
Long before we had the technology to create perfectly round-shaped diamonds like we have today, the cushion cut was used to shape some of history's most beautiful and well-known diamonds. For that reason, the cushion cut diamond was, and still is, one of the most timeless and classic shapes in which diamonds have been cut. Also known as "pillow-cut" diamonds or "candlelight diamonds" (referring to the way they were cut prior to electric lights when diamonds were measured in sparkle by the brilliance they exhibited in candlelight), cushion cut diamonds come in a variety of square to rectangular shapes with a wide selection of length-to-width ratios available.

Perfect for any Tacori girl who wants a little bit more romance in her ring, our cushion cut engagement rings call back to a time of old Hollywood glamour while still remaining contemporary and modern.

If you want the look of a cushion cut, we recommend placing your round brilliant diamond in a perfectly engineered cushion cut bloom setting by Tacori. This cushion bloom spotlight diamonds have breathtaking brilliance and appeal, in the light of day and under the romance of the moonlight.

Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

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