Gold Bracelets

Gold has always been the hallmark of elegance and luxuriousness, and the gorgeous gold bracelets at Tacori are no exception. For the Tacori woman with an eye for sophisticated glamour, our 18k gold, rose gold and white gold bracelets are the ultimate in refined style and grace.

Each gold, rose gold and white gold bracelet in our collection is fabulously fluid on the wrist, emanating radiance and beauty for all to see. Pair them with some Tacori bangle bracelets for a fun and flirty look, or couple some glittering gold bracelets with a Tacori tennis bracelet for a daring and dazzling look.

Embrace our glamorous and timeless gold bracelets and embrace your inner diva – you know, the diva inside that insists on only the very best fine jewelry. We're confident even the most outrageous diva would be above and beyond happy and satisfied with our stunning, delicate designs. Just like the designer diamond rings that we are renowned for each gold bracelet in our collection is carefully designed and crafted from the highest quality metals, diamonds and gemstones.

Each aspect of our gold bracelets contains that inimitable Tacori touch that creates a look of amazing shine and sparkle, with interest generated from every angle. The detailed artisanship of each and every gold, white gold and rose gold bracelet imparts a unique look that separates these one-of-a-kind gold bracelets from all others. Due to the handcraftsmanship of each piece you may notice slight variances in each bracelet. This personal touch ensures that no one else will ever have a Tacori bracelet exactly like yours.

If you are interested in more details about our gold bracelets, please contact your nearest authorized Tacori Retailer for more information.