Gold Necklaces

Make a subtly sexy fashion statement with Tacori's gold necklaces. Our stunning 18k and 14k gold necklace collection features delicate chains, elegant pendants, diamond accentuated designs and more – all in dazzling styles that drape across the skin like silk.

Tacori has a wide selection of beautiful gold necklaces, including reverent gold cross necklace selections, tender gold heart necklace designs, and fun and flirty gold butterfly necklaces. Our sensual and stylish gold necklaces are available in 14k and 18k yellow gold that dances and flashes around your neck like sizzling rays of sunshine; dreamy and romantic rose gold; and 14k and 18k white gold necklace selections that elegantly skim the collar-bone with subtly glittering effervescence.

Gold is an incredibly versatile metal that looks stunning paired with sparkling white diamonds or fun-filled colorful gemstones alike. Undoubtedly our gold necklaces will become a staple of your jewelry collection and the highlight of your wardrobe.

Our gold chains can be worn together in layers for dramatic nighttime style, or add one of our decadent pendants to a singular gold chain for a show stopping look. Worn together, our gold necklaces interlace with each other in a magnificent gold weave, multiplying their dazzling effect for everyone to see. Alone, each chain highlights the delicate intricacy that goes into each handmade piece of Tacori jewelry.

Tacori is devoted to creating only the finest jewelry that will be sure to last for many, many years. Our Tacori designer diamond rings, gold necklaces, gold bracelets and even our high fashion jewelry often become a sentimental family heirloom that is passed down through the generations.

Show the woman you love your heart of gold with a special gift of Tacori gold necklaces today. For more information on any gold necklace in our collection, please contact your nearest authorized Tacori dealer.