Men's Engagement Rings

Women aren't the only ones wearing diamonds these days. Men have begun to see the beauty of diamonds as well, and more and more styles of men's engagement rings are beginning to appear in the jewelry industry. For more than four decades Tacori designs have fused classic elegance with modern inspiration, creating some of the world's most highly regarded and exquisite jewelry. We have always been a trendsetter within the industry, and in that tradition we are pleased to bring you our new men's engagement ring collection.

Perfect for modern, fashion-forward men, our engagement ring styles prove that his ring can be just as intriguing — and just as much a work of art — as our unique engagement rings for women. Although seemingly "traditional" upon first view, each of our men's engagement rings is meticulously detailed with the Tacori signature crescent design, and many now include debonair diamonds embedded in their platinum, gold and white gold bands. A symbol of both love and impeccable taste, Tacori's men's engagement rings feature a clean and uncomplicated look that is incredibly well-suited for any stylish groom.

Your guy's good taste matters too! And just like our designer diamond rings, a Tacori men's engagement ring can be designed to suit his personality in platinum, 18k yellow gold or white gold with subtle diamond accents. All of our men's engagement rings are hand-crafted with an uncompromising passion for artisanship. The high quality Tacori craftsmanship of each of our pieces ensures your ring will be as everlasting as your love, and it may even be the start of a new tradition of passing your men's engagement ring down through the generations of your family.

Please contact your nearest authorized Tacori Retailer for more information on our one of a kind, cutting edge men's engagement ring collection today.