• Unique Design

    Due to the individual character of handcraftsmanship, you may notice slight variances in each Tacori design, ensuring that no pieces are identical. This personal touch transforms each piece into a singularly unique work of art.

  • Dedicated Service

    Complimentary services that Tacori provides as part of our dedication to our customers include: sizing (when possible), general refurbishing and engraving touch-up.

  • Lifetime Care

    For the greatest continuity of care for your Tacori piece, take your Tacori Certificate of Authenticity to your authorized Tacori retail partner as listed on your card. Your personalized serial number will identify your unique Tacori item to the retailer. Your authorized Tacori retailer will be happy to answer your questions regarding matching Tacori band recommendations, any and all care services, Tacori setting upgrades, cleaning recommendations and more.

  • Service Integrity

    Please know that although we have very high standards of our authorized Tacori retail partner and in their team’s treatment of our rings, we cannot guarantee any work done by any outside jeweler, which is why we strongly recommend that you ask your authorized Tacori retail partner to send your Tacori purchase directly to us (Tacori) for all services. Any work performed by an outside jeweler may compromise the integrity of the piece, thus, no future work by Tacori can be “guaranteed” after outside work has been performed.

  • Authenticity Registration

    Not all pieces and circumstances apply. Tacori reserves the sole discretion to determine the services they will provide, subject to change at any time. Complimentary services do not include shipping or insurance costs.