Vintage Engagement Rings

Yearning for the days of old when chivalry and romance were alive and well? Embody your love of LOVE with vintage style engagement rings from Tacori! All Tacori engagement ring designs are handcrafted and tailored to accommodate your center stone shape and size, so we can put an heirloom diamond in one of our vintage engagement rings, or create all new vintage inspired engagement rings for you and your fiancé.

With one of Tacori's glamorous vintage diamond engagement rings you can instantly take your little black dress from nouveau riche to old-money chic. The antique style of our vintage engagement rings mixed with contemporary diamond cuts and bold, clean designs make an unforgettable looking ring that looks at home on any modern Tacori girl's finger.

We know the woman who wants a Tacori ring has specific tastes, and she will only be happy with a Tacori ring. But with so many fabulous vintage looking engagement rings at Tacori, how do you know which one to get her? There are countless beautiful vintage engagement rings to choose from at Tacori, but deciding which style and setting fits her best requires communication as a couple.

Many couples now shop for their engagement rings together (we make men's engagement rings too!); if you want to be 100% sure that she gets the exact Tacori engagement ring she wants, this is the way to do it! Just purchase the center "showcase" diamond in advance and have your jeweler mount it in a simple setting. Once you surprise her with a once-in-a-lifetime proposal you can then take her shopping for Tacori vintage engagement rings and find her ideal Tacori setting together. It's a win-win situation!

Choose one of Tacori's vintage style or antique engagement rings to complete your perfect proposal today. If you are interested in more details about any of our unique engagement rings please contact your nearest authorized Tacori Retailer for more information.