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Bea Miller says to "Buy Me Diamonds" – and Tacori delivers!

When we heard the latest song, "Buy Me Diamonds" by Bea Miller, we were understandably intrigued. She’s only 18 years old, and since her professional start on The X Factor in 2015, she's been working steadily, releasing albums and touring with the likes of megastars Selena Gomez and mentor Demi Lovato.

In just a few short years, Bea Miller has proven herself to be a powerfully real musician with a voice to match. With millions of fans worldwide watching her every move, Bea joined us as a #TacoriGirl and candidly shared with us the story behind her musical journey, including the recent (semi-sarcastic) release of the provocatively-titled track "Buy Me Diamonds".

Q: We love your new Chapter Two: Red Album; what was your inspiration behind "Buy Me Diamonds"?  Is it really about diamonds? Or about something else?

A: This song really is about anyone who has mistreated you and didn’t make you feel like you should. When there is a lack of support and someone comes back into your life, apologizing for all of the things they’ve done wrong, whether it be friends or relationships, you don’t deserve to feel that way. So, in a situation like that, save your love, just buy me diamonds, I don’t need this.

Insider Info:  Bea’s favorite line in the song is "Got caught in the game that you play with my mind."

Q: How do you want them to feel when listening to your music?

A: I want to be the person who lets others know that I understand them. I want to be the person who says, ‘you’re not alone’. 

I want to be as honest as I can. There are so many younger women with songs about happiness and positivity, which is great, but I can’t always relate to that. I have bad days, and I want to be what I needed when I was younger….for someone to know, ‘I have bad days too.’ I want you to connect with something that’s real and human.

Insider info:  Bea’s mom was ‘an original bad ass’ DJ in the 70’s spinning vinyl, and this musical upbringing helped shape Bea’s love of music and writing.

Q: Behind the scenes of our photo shoot we dressed you in three totally different styles, a more Romantic vibe in pinks and flowing fabrics, a more Edgy look in all black, and then a Powerful, pared-back approach with pops of red. How would you define your personal style?

A: I relate very strongly to different versions of a powerful woman. Things affect me differently every day. My style is always changing because I wake up every day with a different attitude. I could wake up tomorrow and feel totally different about my style. I try my best to believe that I am strong, but we all have our moments. We all have times where we feel that we aren’t strong, even though others see it.

Insider Info:  One of Bea’s musical inspiration is Hayley Williams of Paramore.  “I really love Hayley Williams by herself. Her lyrics and music always pick me back up,” says Bea.

Q: What are some of your signature go-to pieces of clothing?

A: Shoes and accessories! I focus most on my accessories; I could buy clothes from Target and even if they’re not expensive, you can accessorize any outfit and make it look more expensive. I like what makes me look like I put more effort into my outfit!

Q: Tell us about your jewelry style? How do certain pieces elevate your overall look and complement your style? Do you have a favorite piece of jewelry?

A: Like my clothes, I constantly change up my accessories, pretty much every month. I have a Beatrice necklace and a “B” necklace that I love.  For months, I layered thin necklaces together to make a more powerful look. Right now, I’m searching for a signature piece of jewelry that I can wear with everything, and have yet to find it.

Insider Info:  Bea’s favorite piece of Tacori jewelry was actually NOT a diamond ring!  It’s a purple amethyst necklace from the “Sonoma Skies” Collection!

Q: Your hands were decked out in diamonds, would you rock the Power Stack IRL?

A: It was so crazy. I calculated the price and the amount of carats I had on me and I was amazed. I felt like I was in a rap music video, it felt so awesome. I wish I could pull off that look every day, but my pockets tell me I can’t.

Q: We got to see many sides of Bea on set, tell us who Bea really is and why you wanted to partner with Tacori?

A: I care a lot about what I promote to my fans. I am very selective and stand by what I believe in, and Tacori really spoke to me as a brand. I like that personal style and effortless expression shines. I relate well to strong brands that can offer great, creative people with similar visions to my fans.

Love Bea as much as we do? Follow Bea on Instagram @beamiller for the latest. And be(a) sure to share the love by posting with the hashtag #TacoriGirl #BuyMeDiamonds for your chance to be featured on Tacori.com!

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