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8 Sapphire Engagement Rings To Covet

A unique custom order, based on Style HT2549RD7 A unique custom order, based on Style HT2549RD7

A sapphire engagement ring stands out in a crowd and transcends time and styles. At Tacori, we’ve selected 8 stand-out sapphire rings that will inspire you to stun in this striking blue hue. 

Whether the sapphire is the star of the show, or used as an accent gemstone, the meaning of a sapphire gem is found within its depths. Since ancient times, sapphires have been powerful jewels to wear, as they are believed to protect loved ones from envy and harm.

Sapphire rings are also a perfect choice for engagement rings, as the sapphire stone symbolizes many of the qualities that we appreciate in a healthy relationship, such as loyalty, trust, faithfulness, truth, sincerity and reliability.

The sapphire, which is the birthstone for those lucky babies born in September, is a gemstone that has been historically favored by royalty, as a sapphire was considered as the symbol of wisdom and purity and a way to attract divine favor.

Indeed, the wearer of a sapphire ring may find themselves enchanted by its mystical powers. After all there is a reason we call it royal blue! 

Today, sapphires aren’t just for royalty anymore. At Tacori, our designers have created unique sapphire rings so special, you may decide that the traditional diamond engagement ring needs to have a touch of blue, in order to be the perfect ring for you. 

Here are 8 stunning sapphire rings that our Tacori artisans handcrafted here in California as bespoke custom rings. And whether it’s worn as an engagement ring, or as a right hand ring that demands to be seen, a sapphire gem is certainly splendid. 

Tell us, would you wear a sapphire engagement ring? Which one do you love most?

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